Boost website performance speed with WP optimization plugins

Without good housekeeping, WordPress sites containing many posts and comments will start to become a bit sluggish. Deleted comments, spam comments and post revisions will began to bloat the database, resulting in slower page load time. How does this affect your sales growth?

When someone lands on a website for the first time, you have just a few seconds to capture their attention. Yet a sluggish WordPress site loses the visitor’s attention, resulting in a loss of qualified leads or blog readers due to impatience.

Slow Website Performance Resolution

WordPress is an awesome platform. However, WordPress sites can run slow at times. Issues can range from badly coded plugins or templates to bad web hosting, but most sluggish WordPress sites have caching and optimization issues. Similar to the concept of clearing your browser cache, a routine clearing of the cache would have to be performed on a WordPress site to increase page loading time. Just like your browser, caching clears the WordPress database of useless data.

Effective WordPress Caching Plugins

WP Super Cache – WP Super Cache is one of the top cache WordPress plugins with over 2 million downloads. It is a static plug-in that generates HTML files without processing heavy PHP scripts, meaning it would only create a copy of the page. To prepare oneself for the day of traffic overload, this plugin handles higher loads without crashing. Whether a website struggles with getting traffic or can’t handle traffic overload, this plug-in can definitely improve the speed of your WordPress blog.

W3 Total Cache – As an WP Super Cache alternative, W3 Total Cache is a recommended plugin by many web hosting providers such as HostGator and large social media websites such as Mashable. W3 Total Cache, the performance optimization framework, was designed to improve user experience by reducing page load time and providing a content delivery network

Effective WordPress Optimization Plugins

WP Optimizer – Is a WordPress Database cleanup and optimization tools without phpMyAdmin. Some of the major features are removal of post revisions, unapproved or spam comments, and trackback and pingbacks. Every time you make revisions on a post, WordPress will make a copy of each revised post – which can take up a large amount of bytes. WP-Optimize allows you to optimize and shrink your posts by removing unnecessary post revisions from the database.

WP DB-Manager  – When you delete or deactivate any plugins, the plugin tables still exist in the database. WP DB-Manager is a database backup and optimization plugin that will back up the database, delete all unused tables and optimize the database.

Remember, don’t go crazy and install all WP optimization and cache plugins.  You only need one for optimization and cache cleaning plugin.

As always, before installing any WordPress database optimization plugin, it’s recommended that you back up your WordPress database.

Start by scheduling one day per week for WordPress housekeeping to improve conversions and increase readership.
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