Social Media Marketing to Target Vast Ocean of Potential Customers!

joe-love-fbSocial media marketing has stepped into our lives in a big way! It has provided an ecosystem that helps us remain connected with our old friends and also allows us to expand our circle by adding new friends. It has become a buzz, an addiction and an avenue where people seek social confirmation and pander to their desire of boosting self-worth to get more likes, shares, comments and views.

With millions of active users spending enormous time on sites like – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterst etc. marketers realized the ferocity of this wave and came up with defined marketing strategies to target this vast ocean of potential customers. In no time Social Media Marketing has acquired the reputation of being a popular promotion technique as marketers venture out to drive valuable word of mouth and influence for their products & services.

There have been huge success stories where small players have been able to increase their exposure, fetch traffic and scale up their business by focused targeting and re-targeting activities on the social media. Even, Barrack Obama, the President of the United States in his presidential campaign made active use of Facebook and Twitter to differentiate his campaign.

There is no doubt that the impact of social media is huge. But, how you capitalize on this impact is what will make the difference.

Creating social pages to form an online community, sharing free content to generate trust and moving that trust towards purchase is basic to social marketing. The Corporate Cosmo marketing team uses semantic analyses techniques and directing advertisement to a highly targeted audience, depending on a user’s likes, shares and behavior patterns.

To start with the marketing activities on social platforms Corporate Cosmo helps their client to:

  • Have the content compiled in an easy to read manner
  • Schedule the frequency of content sharing which is the number of tweets, facebook posts, blog submission etc. to be posted per week.
  • Drive engagement with audience by listening to their feedbacks, responding to their queries & comments and disseminating information which holds value to the users.

Softwares like Hootsuite, Buffer, and TweetDeck come handy to help schedule posts ahead of time, monitor and manage the social feeds, and access performance analytics.

Organizing online contests is also an effective way through which brands try to connect with their audience and create an interest around the brand. There are various softwares like – Rafflecopter, Strutta, Competizer, Votigo, Promosimple, Shortstack that allow Corporate Cosmo’s marketing team to run, track and manage contests on the social sites.

However, different social media have different personality to themselves and it is important to treat every medium as a unique entity. For example: On Instagram the audience look for visual content and posting of a business related article shall be more appropriate on LinkedIn. Therefore, it is imperative that the strategy be tweaked depending on the audience expectation of a social media.

According to the 2013, Social Media Industry Report, the most important social platform for marketers is Facebook (49%), followed by LinkedIn (16%), Blogging (14%) and Twitter (12%). However, in the coming future marketers plan on increasing their use of YouTube, Facebook, blogging, LinkedIn and Twitter, in that order.

As rightly pointed out by the social marketing experts – social technology begins with the business objectives. We don’t let the technology guide our implementation, but, instead we let your objectives guide the technology selection.

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