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Opening up a shop is one thing and getting customers to visit and buy your products & services is another.

With more than millions of websites on the web the herculean task is not to create a website but bringing quality traffic to it.

In today’s world of cut throat competition where traffic from search accounts for more than 80 percent of total web traffic, search marketing methods such as SEM and SEO have become critical to any online business.

Some purists believe that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a subset of SEM (Search Engine Marketing). This is because SEO is contributing to the marketing activities that help increase the organic ranking and online visibility on the web. However, in the view of current trends the two are considered to be separate. SEM recognized as the paid form of marketing on the search engine and SEO as the free form of marketing that does not require budget allocation to start with optimization methods.

For the ease of understanding we will discuss SEM as the practice of attracting visitors through paid search listings.

The main purpose of search engine marketing is to increase a website’s visibility on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page). This employs visual clues to differentiate between sponsored and organic results.

Our  Search Engine Marketing  services include:

  1. Keyword search: Searching the words and long tail phrases which the audience might use to search for your service
  2. Bid Management: Managing the bids based on budget, expected ctr (click through rate) and other factors
  3. Ad creation: Creation of the Ad/creative to be used if any. Designing of the landing pages.
  4. Multi-variant testing: Testing the different campaigns to determine the most effective draft.
  5. Campaign mapping: Measuring the performance of the campaign in terms views, clicks, leading action, measuring CTR and Return on Investment.
  6. Localization: Targeting the sponsored ad to the local users of your area
  7. Optimization: Adjusting or re-writing the content

It can also include other Search Engine Marketing related services such as:

  • Click-fraud monitoring: Monitoring and preventing users who click repeatedly on the ads to generate a fraud set of clicks eating away the advertising budget.
  • Conversion path analysis: Analysis of key interactions customers have with the website and measuring user experience.
  • Contextual advertising: Attracting target audience by placing ads on pages that are related to the content being viewed

SEM aims to attract customers when they are on the hunt mode and searching for something and having a clear visibility can be helpful to lead the visitor to your website. Companies can purchase text ads from either Google AdWords or Microsoft adCenter. The results are ordered by a variety of factors, including relevance (for which click-through rate, use of searched keywords in the ad, and relevance of the landing page are factors in Google) and the competitiveness of the bid amount.

Search Engine Marketing helps you achieve what SEO would take months to do in terms of your visibility on the search engine result page and every one would love to have the coveted No. 1 position. However, a research published by adgooroo suggests that you may not want to be rank 1 in the sponsored results, because the cost of gaining that position in a PPC campaign can reduce the total net margin.

Bidding for top positions usually makes financial sense only for high-budget, brand-name advertisers. Most other advertisers will find the optimal position for the majority of their keywords to lie between positions 5–7.

It also stated that even if your natural ranking is #1, you can still increase the ranking page’s click rate by having a sponsored ad above it or in the right hand column. The survey clearly showed that having a prominent paid ad on the same search results page makes your #1 natural ranking receive 20% more clicks.

Thus, the advantage search engine marketing offers is getting a top ranking for the desired keyword in less than 24 hours. It will take care that you are found on the searched key words and there is a steady stream of traffic flowing to your website. The disadvantage however is the cost. It is therefore very important to have a careful keyword choice and monitoring to ensure a positive ROI.

With a mix of proper strategy, planning and timely execution SEM can prove to be a powerful and sure shot audience acquisition strategy!

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