Email Marketing – The Most Cost Affective Way to Strengthens Customer’s Trust and Loyalty!

In the world of expensive broadcast ads, email marketing comes as both a boon and a relief to the marketers. Emails offer a wide reach in low cost which is otherwise difficult to achieve. Being one of the most cost effective & fastest methods to disseminate information, email marketing also holds the ability to add personalization to your marketing endeavors. Email has a charm that many channels don’t’: creating valuable, personal touches – at scale.

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Where on one hand, email is one of the most effective ways to stay in touch with your customers on the other hand, marketing through email is also challenging as inbox is a very competitive space. Thus, it is important to have the right email marketing elements in place to enable effective communication.  Here are a few basics to have an effective email marketing program:

1.  Email Headline

  • It is important to have a catchy headline in place to entice the audience to click on the email. The headline should be concise, crisp, hold relevance to the recipient and attractive enough so that people would want to read the mail.
  • It should convey a unique value which the reader is going to get by reading the content.
  • The best practices are – Ask a question, Give a teaser (For example “You will not believe this!”), Get personal (Use words such as “You”, “Your”) and Keep in the mind what is in there for the recipient.

2.     Email Content

  • Make sure the email content is in sync with the headline being used. There should be a proper flow between the title and the body of the mail.
  • Avoid long mails
  • Do not stuff the mail with hyperlinks.  Insert action links judiciously.
  • Keep a professional approach as you are trying to establish business relationships. Avoid using slang language.
  • Use of pictographic is a good way to convey information without the recipient having to put too much of an effort in reading the entire content. This works very well when you are trying to promote products/services which are more driven by visuals. For example – cars, watches, dresses etc.  These images could be clickable, linking to the webpage where additional information about the product/service could be sought.
  • Make sure the content is easy to read – use of the color, font, text size, images should be suitable to easy reading. For example – colors help differentiate and reinforce the content but, it should not leave the reader puzzled by using every color in the rainbow. Similarly, the font size shouldn’t be screaming and white spaces be well used.
  • Lastly, you should know what your audience wants and share content which is important and relevant to them in a well presented form.

3.    Email Landing pages

  • Adding landing pages to an email is good idea when you want to create a sales funnel or a pipeline of the prospective customers.
  • Well-designed landing pages work well when you are trying to seek additional information from the recipients – want them to fill a form, sign up for a free trial, make an online purchase etc.

4.    Only send emails to people you know

  • Most people only open emails from people they know so it would be advisable to share email with people who are known to you or have signed up to receive the emails from your end.
  • Use a “from name” and email which is well recognized.
  • We recommend a double opt-in feature for permission based emails.

5.    Include the opt out option

  • It is a good hygiene practice to include the opt-out option at the bottom of your email. This not just gives the recipient the independence to choose to receive the mails or not but also helps you analyze if you have been able to provide valuable content or not.

6.    Capitalize on your delivery rate

You don’t want your emails going into the junk folders or getting bounced back, do you? To avoid a scenario like this and improve upon the delivery rate it is important to Avoid SPAM elements.

  • Spam Words such as: free, guarantee, spam, Viagra
  • Spam Phrases: “be amazed,” “your income,” “earn $$$,”
  • Writing in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS (uppercase)
  • Use of Extreme punctuation!!!,???
  • Too much use of “click here”
  • $$, **, and other symbols

7.    Track your email campaigns

  • When it comes to marketing through the email you do not have the ability to look at a customer’s face and understand his reactions but, through tracking you can get an idea whether you are making a connection or not.
  • Tracking not just enables you to understand the open rate of the emails but, also delve deeper into the kind of content resonating the best with your audience.
  • Tracking also helps to determine the technical performance such as – emails that received spam complaints, who opted out, who forwarded the mail, who clicked on links, the emails which bounced and why they bounced.

Lastly, I would just put it simply that there is no formula for the perfect email – authentic and honest messaging works! Our marketing team are proficient in Aweber, Constant Contact and Bronto.

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