Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

Website design for auto tintingYour website must drive your bottom line and generate sales. Our digital marketing  strategists have proven results in moving prospects from awareness to conversion with a creative and systematic approach. We design to “think like a customer”. Our marketing projects begins with understanding your target audience; such as their motivation, intent, demographic and psychographics. We than develop persona profile to help understand how your customers think and what leads to their purchase decision. We will then craft a marketing message that’s relevant to their interest and a clear call to action to get them to convert.

Social Marketing

“83% of mobile visit social network”

What does this mean for your business? Smartphone are fully equipped with pre-install social network apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, just to name a few. Which means, these easily accessible apps causes smartphone users to become frequent social networks users.  Learn how Social Media Marketing can reach a vast ocean of potential customers.

Email Marketing

“82% of Smartphone Users Communicate by sending or reading emails.”

For the past decade, the web was about delivering email to desktop. However, the paradigm has shifted and more emails are delivered to mobile users.  With the study of the mobile user’s behavior, we can lead creative email campaigns to market products, services and communicate other information, to your customers. Learn how our Email Marketing services can improve open rates and conversion rates.

Content Marketing

We think of Content marketing as the art of communicating that incites prospects to visit your website. It’s about creating interesting and relevant content optimized and distributed across online channels so it can be found by and hopefully engage with your prospective buyers.

Content marketing draws better qualify prospects while eliminating the waste. We take advantage of the features mobile user’s devices offers to build and present your content in a creative and engaging way, all to generate qualify leads.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

“94% of smartphone users looked for local information; 84% have taken action as a result.”

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ensures that your site gives what the visitors are seeking. It’s a service all businesses serious about competing on the web should have – unfortunately most businesses selling it aren’t as serious as their customers. Our SEO campaigns are affordable, flexible and most of all effective. We build SEO campaigns using the best practices handed down from the search giants themselves; ensuring you get what you pay for – but more importantly, that you get a return on your investment. Learn how SEO can improve your search engine rankings and increase website traffic.