PR strategies presentation for Miami International University of Art and DesignThis month the CEO, Nan Ross, had the pleasure of speaking with the PR & Promotion student from Miami International University of Art & Design about the importance of integrating multi channel marketing for a successful PR campaign. Public Relations, promotion students, and advertising CEOs simply cannot ignore this fact.

The digital marketing industry is developing by the day and keeping up with new technologies on a day-to-day basis is surely a tall task. Those who wish to make a career out of this highly competitive, yet creative field have no other option but to learn the best methods for effective integration of PR and multi channel marketing.

Here are a few key points that were discussed:

The Benefits of Owned, Paid, Earned Media

Leveraging multi channel marketing helps in lead generation, influences relationship building, and has a crucial impact on public perception. For a hopeful PR careerist it is important to understand the benefits of OWNED, PAID, and EARNED media for building successful online relationships.

Owned Media– This includes blogs, websites and mobile sites, and social media accounts. Such channels are ideal for building long-term relationships with potential and existing customers with the associated benefits being the following.

  • Cost Efficiency
  • Control
  • Versatility
  • Niche Audience
  • Longevity

Earned Media – Example of earned media include Buzz, WOM, and Viral. Its role is responding after listening. In most cases, it is nothing but the fallout of well-coordinated and well-executed paid and owned media. The associated benefits include:

  • Transparent & long-standing
  • Most credible
  • Plays crucial role in sales

Paid Media-It includes paid searches, display ads, and sponsorships. This acts as a catalyst for feeding owned media and creation of earned media. It’s benefits include:

  • Immediacy
  • Control
  • Scaling
  • High Demand

Listening to Customer Reviews & Testimonials

There is nothing better than customer reviews and testimonials online along with comments on the social media to understand what they think of specific product and services.

Customers share their reviews about companies and associated items on the social media and this gives an insight into their pain points, needs, and wants.

Knowing what the end-users think can help the PR professionals to develop further strategies to ensure marketing success.

Creating & Testing Messaging

Creation of attractive messages and testing their effects on the audience is a good way to bring focus on specific brands. The catchline should be such that it grabs eyeballs and remains in the public psyche for some time. If you find that a specific message doesn’t work through testing, just change tack and go for something new. People start associating taglines with the brand, leading to identity development and maximal exposure.

Successful PR professionals know what will appeal to the target audience and write creative messages that become a hit with the customers from the first. Creative messaging with specific target growth in mind can work wonders for a brand profile.

Multi Channel Marketing Campaigns

Finally, one cannot deny the role of integration of digital and Public Relation strategies for ensuring effective marketing campaigns. Here are some proven tactics for getting the results you wish.

1. E-mail marketing
2. Use of news sites as YouTube
3. Article & blog marketing
4. Print marketing techniques
5. PR distribution
6. Contests & giveaways

How is this done? Here’s a few multi channel marketing campaign case studies.

Ride for Hydrocephalus Campaign
Celsius was proud to support Mark and Mary as they rode 2500 miles on bikes from Florida to Colorado to raise money for the Hydrocephalus Association. Celsius has offered to match the first $3000 of donations they raise for the Hydrocephalus Association.

PR & Digital Marketing Tactics:

  • Press Release & Distribution
  • Journey Journal Featured on Celsius Blog
  • Featured Story Hydrocephalus Blog
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • News Sites – YouTube

Celsius Brand Ambassador Campaign
Angeles Burke – AFAA certified group fitness instructor and personal trainer loves sharing her knowledge and experience pertaining to health and wealth. Angeles came on board as a Celsius brand ambassador and content writer.

PR & Digital Marketing Tactics:

  • News Site – YouTube
  • Article Marketing – Blog
  • Article Marketing – Print
  • FB, TW, Linkedin, Instagram, Google+, YouTube
  • Email Marketing

Celsius Sponsors Nascar Driver Blake Koch
Celsius partnered with NASCAR driver Blake Koch for the 2014 Nationwide Series. This sponsorship give Celsius the opportunity to reach the 70+ million avid NASCAR fans with a healthy alternative to the traditional energy drinks being consumed.

PR & Digital Marketing Tactics:

  • Optimized Press Release & Distribution
  • News Site – YouTube
  • Social Media – FB, TW, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+

Enter to Win Free Celsius 12 Pack
Celsius wanted to increase brand awareness and email subscribers by hosting a nation wide campaign to Enter to Win their Variety 12 Pack. Entries who entered, based on double opt-in, were entered into Celsius email list.

Digital Marketing Tactics:

  • Pandora Radio Advertising
  • Paid Search/Remarketing
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing

Integrate PR with earned/owned social media, earned testimonials/reviews, paid/owned video marketing, traditional paid advertising, owned e-mail, content, and video marketing. Also, you cannot ignore paid PR, digital media, advertising, and content advertising as your RECIPE FOR SUCCESS!!