Digital Marketing Agency Georgia – Atlanta

Welcome to Corporate Cosmo, Digital Marketing Agency Georgia at Atlanta. A digital marketing agency that actually understands digital technology. Digital technology has revolutionized the delivery of marketing messages. Your brand story may still be the same but how it is consumed, accessed and controlled has been fundamentally altered with digital technology.

Our team of digital marketing strategists understand that medium, therefore we develop and value partnership. We help you use your digital assets to lead the digital conversation around your brand, connect with your customers and enhance product positioning.

We provide the following services: social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, SEO/SEM, PPC, digital media advertising, social advertising, WordPress responsive design, mobile site and ecommerce store development.

We’re nuts about improving your business so we ensure that we track results from inception. Sure, we come up with great creative ideas that engage and captivate your customers, but importantly our goal is to help you grow.

Nan Ross – CEO/Founder

Nan is an experienced web marketer with an in-depth knowledge of the strategic, technical and creative aspects of digital marketing. Before she started Corporate Cosmo in 2007, she started  an eBay storefront  selling fashion apparel and accessories. She also is successful Social media trainer and offers consultancy for small businesses and medical practice.

Whilst she is one of the most experienced digital strategist in town, Nan jumped on the social media scene when she produced and hosted her weekly podcast on social media marketing, marketing book reviews, interviewing marketing experts such as Larry Weintraub of Fanscape, Shama Hyder Kabanie, Author of Zen of Social Media Marketing, Paul Parkin, the founding partner of SALT Branding, LaShanda Henry, Web Expert and Social Media Coach and Jim McCarthy, the CEO of Goldstar. She has also produced several video podcast on social awareness topics such as, domestic violence, child abuse and HIV/AID.

Apart from conducting several speaking engagements for education institutions such as Marietta Continuing Education, Morris Brown College and Miami International University of Arts & Design, Nan is a social being who loves to read about  mental science, psychology, self-awareness and philosophy. But, traveling, and spending the day at the beach remains her all-time favorites.